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March 4, 2018 - 1 p.m.
Aberdeen Livestock, West Barn - Aberdeen, South Dakota

Selling 70 ChiAngus, Simmental, and SimAngus bulls

LOT 27
Sired by Advantage this low birthweight sire is out there in terms of look with a championship pedigree, he also lands in top 10% of the breed for calving ease, 25% for growth and 2% for milk.
  LOT 1
Sired by Open Range he puts everything together we would ask for from a herd bull.  Fast growing, sound made, and big testicles he ranks in the top 2% of the breed for growth and Igenity identifies him as a standout for Stayability, Docility, ADG, and Tenderness!
Another standout from a sire group that did not miss!  He gives extra growth and power with a little more of the Chi style.  He is a top 2% bull for growth with high marks for ADG and Muscle from Igenity Gold.
  LOT 11
Sargent is a new sire group that was not matched for performance here this year.  Bulls that grow like this in the contemporary group don’t hurt, he’s bred ChiMaine on the bottom side – this fast growing bull is top 5% for growth EPDs.
LOT 15
For those that truly appreciate what the Chi gene does, you will love this Sargent son.  Out of the best female we have ever owned from the Higgins operation – he is a top 5% YW EPD bull with over 20% Chi.
  LOT 17
Don’t sleep on the Big Irons – he will add more Chi, more look, and more quality than most – he sired a National Champion Female after only breeding about 10 cows his first year.  This guy is extremely big footed, long bodied, and perfect structured with to 15% growth.
LOT 29
If this one doesn’t get your blood pumping, check your pulse.  This bull from a first calf heifer is absolutely flawless.  Big framed, nearly 20% Chi and top 5% growth EPDs – Tie on!
  LOT 31
There a couple of these Brilliance sons that are high type and calving ease, this one’s mother is bred so well and a sib to some of the most prominent ChiAngus winners of the last few years.

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