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CED BW WW YW Milk Marb %chi
9 1.2 70 112 16 -0.08 13.64
Open Range 003X

                                   T C STOCKMAN 365
                    NORTHERN IMPROVEMENT4480

                                   BLACKCAP OF R R 5367
                                   A&B YUKON 7150
                    EXAR SARAS DREAM 9809
                                   SARAS DREAM

                                   RDD DESTINY PCA
                    RDD DESTINYS ACE
                                   T S EDIES PRIDE 2047
                                   EAGLE SCOUT 2CA
                    HTP MISS KRISTIN 2CA
                                   VOL CARA H60B 1CA


Open Range was purchased as an outcross sire who could maintain the overall performance and muscle we expect while adding a bit of extra quality. He is so level in his design and ideal in his pattern and we believe it is these traits that quickly identify his offspring.  Where he has pushed the curve is his exceptional growth and performance in cattle that are extremely massive in their design.  He has been the perfect piece to the puzzle that is continuously being assembled.

CED BW WW YW Milk Marb %chi
3 4.6 60 103 27 0.35 16.9
CK-Y230 785B

                                 CK 802P 920S
                       CK S920 638U  

                                   CK BLACK LASS 638K 2CA
CK-U638 230Y
                                 S S OBJECTIVE T510 0T26 
                        CK GEORGINA BROWN 116T
                                 GARRISON GEORGINA 1095

                                 CK MOTIVATOR
                       CK MOTIVATOR 961T
                                CK KATIE 407P
CEF MS T961 418X
                                   TEF JOJO 997M 
                      CEF MS JOJO 205P
                                  CEF TIGRESS 205M


785B was selected as the popular high-seller from CK Cattle in Alabama where he stood out as a power bull in one of the most competitive contemporary groups in the breed. He is an exceptionally well-balanced and correct bull with the additional length, scale, and muscle shape needed to drive true growth and feedlot performance. He compliments this by offering a truly unique combination of maternal and carcass traits. He will be offered a cross section of our herd in the summer of 2017 to identify where he fits best in making the next generation of performance genetics.

CED BW WW YW Milk Marb %chi
3 3.6 46 68 10 0.03 34.24
HIGG Big Iron

                                 RDD DESTINY PCA  
                   MEFC ADDICTED 23N 

                                 RMG MARCIA 607F 1CA         
                                   EAGLE SCOUT 2CA 
                   HB MS EAGLESCOUT 933 1CA
                                     L B F BLACKCAP LASS 933  

                                   CJB FLASH PCA 
                    TR FLASH OF TALMO PCA
                                 MGM MS POLL PWR 619E 2CA 
                                   PCC TEXOMA 14D PCA
                     PCC MS ANGEL GAL CAX
                                   LTD ANGELICA


Big Iron was acquired from Higgins Farms in TN in an effort to preserve the Chianina Influence in our females for years to come.  He is a full sib to our pick of the Higgins cowherd and represents exceptional balance, correctness, and his first calf crop would indicate growth as well.  Our hope is these traits breed true and his genetic profile will reflect this in time.

CED BW WW YW Milk Marb %chi
7 0.1 61 99 21 0.30 20.16
MEFC Sargent 419

                                 RDCA IMPRESSIVE 229J 1CA 
                     JSC CRUSH 847N - 2

                                   BSC MS TRUBO 847H
                                  JSC CHANCE 013E PCA 
                       JSC PLAYMATE 40G PCA 
                                    JMS MS BLK CODY 2CA

                                    CONNEALY FOREFRONT
                     TC FREEDOM 104
                                  T C RUBY 9095 
                                    BUSHS GRAND DESIGN
                   BUSHS GRAND RACHEL 644
                                  BUSHS LADY RACHEL 820


Sarg was sold in a previous sale and reacquired after seeing him mature and develop into a near ideal beef bull.  He combines what we have found to be the best of Chianina genetics with what have been the best Angus bloodlines we have used.  He was admired in the showring, but we are optimistic he will excel as a herd sire with both sons and daughters of equal quality.

CED BW WW YW Milk Marb %chi
5 1.2 57 92 17 0.02 40.333
JSC Momentum PCA

                                   WYR IMPULSE 1CA
                    RDCA IMPRESSIVE 229J 1CA

                                   ANGUS 4144
                                   GAS TURBO 943E 2CA
                    BSC MS TRUBO 847H
                                   JMS MS ZAPPER 17D 1CA

                                   JSC FRANCHISE 704 C 2CA
                    JSC CHANCE 013E PCA
                                   JSC POLLED PWR 513Z 2CA
                                   MR ALSON PURBLK 2311 1CA
                    JMS MS BLK CODY 2CA
                                   MISS CODY 019 1CA

Momentum exemplifies the strength and purpose of a modern composite bull. This 40% Chi sire has built his reputation on providing maximum power in one generation. His sons have set the standard for growth and performance, out pacing some of today’s most popular Angus bulls. He will add bone, muscle dimension, and overall mass to cows of any shape or size. However, we feel his reputation will be etched in his daughters as a sire who improves udder quality and teat size in females that are moderate framed and deep bodied. His combination of maximum early growth and moderate mature size will is unrivaled.
BFW Mile High 2CA TMH Kingpin Patriot’s Chi-Me JSC Advantage 2CA
CARD Pure Product MEFC Bismarck 260Z    
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