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Thank you for visiting our website. Melroe Farms has been in the beef business for over a century and has been advertising seedstock for sale since the first half of the 1900’s. Over that time large scale operations have come and gone as they gain popularity by following the latest trend in the beef business. Why are we still here? We feel it is because we adapt and incorporate pieces of what has worked, regardless of the times. It is our philosophy that by incorporating several of these components that we can market seedstock with the highest level of confidence that they will perform for their new customers. While breeding cattle is never easy, and a true cattle breeder will never be satisfied we have distilled our core beliefs into three main areas.

  1. Proven Quality – Visual selection may be the most primitive means of cattle improvement, but we find it critical.  Even as the industry moves to data driven decisions, we will not sacrifice visual excellence because we understand a vast majority of marketing still occurs with the eye and the scale.  We don’t just talk about it, but have proven it.
  2. Documented Performance – We feel like the only way to prove to ourselves and have complete confidence in our recommendations is to measure what we are doing.  We have committed to providing large contemporary groups where ChiAngus sires must compete with the most proven and popular Angus bulls in the business.  We have the numbers to prove they do!
  3. Chianina Influence – Last we do not deny nature, heterosis is real and it works.  We have chosen this avenue because of the large influence provided by the diversity of the Chi gene.  Planned composite breeding programs are sustainable and most importantly profitable.
Grand Champion Pen
of 3 Heifers

2014 Naitonal Western
MEFC Big Moment
JSC Momentum x JSC Advantage
Owned by Esch Cattle Company


MEFC Fantasy Jewel 305, sired by JSC Advantage and shown by Halley Becking was named Champion Junior Yearling Female at our National Show in Louisville, KY!



Pictures now posted for the 2015 Profit Through Performance Annual Production sale!


Congratulations Halley Be king on exhibiting the Grand Champion Chiangus heifer at the 2014 SD State Fair!


This ad can also be seen in the Cattle Business Weekly's Herd Reference Edition
Thank You all buyers and bidders from the 2014 Profit Through Performance Production Sale!



See our latest ad for the Herd Reference issue of the Chi Journal. Melroe Farms is dedicated to providing herd sires for the nation's leading Chi breeders and commercial cattlemen dedicated high performing Angus composites.


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